Ilia Nassif

Ilia Nassif

Master thesis student


Thesis topic:  Collaborative Video-Based Learning in CourseMapper

Related project: CourseMapper

Supervisor(s):  M. Sc. Shoeb Joarder, M. Sc. Qurat Ul Ain

Thesis duration:  07 / 2021 - 01 / 2022



The rapid digitalization of our world in the last decade has carried out a lot of changes to our lifestyle and daily routines. The learning domain has profited from the new technologies and started using new digital techniques to support, clarify and ease the learning process for users worldwide. In this context, CourseMapper is a shared course annotation and analysis platform that is mind-map-based. It promotes collaboration and interaction around PDF/video learning materials, supported by visual learning analytics.

The aim of this thesis is the reimplementation process of the state-of-art video annotation modules of CourseMapper, including the limitations of the current platform and the challenges for upgrading and adding new features, improving them in terms of usability and usefulness, increasing the awareness, providing different techniques of video annotation, effectively dealing with information overload, and engaging users in collaboration.