Jean Qussa

Master student Jean Qussa


Related project: CourseMapper

Supervisor(s): M.Sc. Qurat Ul AinM.Sc. Rawaa Alatrash

Thesis topic:  Constructing an Educational Knowledge Graph in CourseMapper with Human-in-the-Loop

Description: This thesis focuses on improving and enhancing the educational knowledge graph construction pipeline in CourseMapper. The improvement of the pipeline includes a comprehensive investigation of the current pipeline and proposes a new framework for ingesting, processing and representing educational content effectively and accurately in an Educational Knowledge Graph (EduKG). The enhancement of the pipeline includes the incorporation of a human-in-the-loop paradigm in EduKG construction, where end-users actively participate in the refinement of the EduKG. This thesis investigates and compares different methods and paradigms to achieve these goals.

Thesis duration: 12/2023 – 06/2024