Kunal Kunal

Master thesis studentKunal Kunal

Email: kunal.kunal@stud.uni-due.de

Thesis topic:  Analyzing Learning Channels in CourseMapper Using NLP to Support Teacher's Awareness and Monitoring

Related project:  CourseMapper

Supervisor(s):   M.Sc. Rawaa AlatrashM.Sc. Qurat AinM.Sc. Shoeb Joarder

Description:  The aim of the thesis is to analyze the learning channels of courses in CourseMapper in order to extract various aspects from learner data such as sentiment, motivation, interactivity (passive/active users), participation level, collaboration patterns, difficulty level, most discussed concepts, understandability, etc., and present these aspects with some indicators in a dashboard. Thus, promoting to support teacher's awareness and monitoring of the activities in courses. 

Thesis duration: 08/2022 - 02/2023