Nave Wibowo

Master student Nave Wibowo


Related project: CourseMapper

Supervisor(s): M.Sc. Rawaa AlatrashM.Sc. Qurat Ul Ain

Thesis topic:  Inferring Prerequisite Knowledge Concepts using an Educational Knowledge Graph

Description: This thesis focuses on inferring prerequisite knowledge concepts using an Educational Knowledge Graph (EduKG). These prerequisite knowledge concepts are essential for the users to understand a knowledge concept that they currently did not understand. In this regard, this study primarily focuses on inferring novel metrics that can be leveraged to uncover and measure the potential prerequisite relations among knowledge concepts using various methods and techniques based on EduKG structure. After that, the inferred prerequisite relationships will be integrated into the existing EduKG in the CourseMapper project. This integration will enhance the current EduKG, which currently comprises of five nodes: learning material, slide, main concept, related concepts, categories, and user, along with their respective relationships. Through this comprehensive approach, the thesis contributes to the enrichment of educational knowledge graphs, providing valuable insights into the relations among concepts and facilitating more effective learning pathways for users.

Thesis duration: 02/2024 – 08/2024