Structural Dynamics

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M.Sc. Computational Mechanics

Elective module
SWS: 4
Credits: 6
Mode of teaching: lecture, tutorial

Teaching staff

Date and time

Learning objectives

At the conclusion of this course students should be able to
  • demonstrate an understanding of fundamental concepts of structural dynamics,
  • identify and specify various types of dynamic loads for structural analysis
  • identify the essential parameters governing the response of structures to dynamic loads,
  • apply dynamic analysis methods to practical problems in structural engineering and other disciplines
  • develop computer models of structures under dynamic loading and to critically reflect on the limitations of these models


  • fundamentals of structural dynamic analysis for discrete and continuous structures
  • free and forced vibration of single and multiple-degree-of-freedom systems
  • normal modal analysis
  • transient dynamic analysis by numerical integration, explicit and implicit methods
  • response spectrum methods
  • introduction to nonlinear dynamic analysis of structures
  • design of tuned mass damper


e-learning course
Structural Dynamics

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