2018Presentation of the HS-DNK

On May 15, 2018, the members of the working group "Sustainability Reporting" in the BMBF-funded project "Sustainability at Universities: Developing - Networking - Reporting (HOCH-N)" together with the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) presented the adopted university-specific Sustainability Code, HS-DNK for short, to almost 100 university representatives in the GIZ House in Berlin. This milestone in the HOCH-N project is the first entry into low-threshold, uniform sustainability reporting for universities in Germany. Based on 20 criteria from the areas of strategy / process management: governance / environment: operations / society, universities can focus their reports on the essentials.

2016Symposium "NRW's universities on the road to sustainability"

What do universities in NRW need in order to promote sustainable development? What role does state policy play in this? How do we implement sustainability in research and teaching? These and other questions were discussed on November 24, 2016 at the symposium "NRW's universities on the road to sustainability", to which napro and the then Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research of the State of NRW (now the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of NRW) jointly invited participants. With this event, napro brought together representatives of various universities, research institutions and ministries. Intensive workshops on topics such as sustainability research and reporting, university teaching and student involvement completed the program. A concluding highlight was a round table discussion in which the then Minister for Innovation, Science and Research of North Rhine-Westphalia, Svenja Schulze, answered questions from all participants. The lively discussion at the end of the symposium showed one thing: There are many different approaches, ideas and possibilities to put NRW's universities on the road to sustainable development. Therefore, the exchange of ideas between all actors and a common framework for action is needed. The symposium provided a platform for such an exchange for the first time.

2016Sustainable Higher Education Units – Practice oriented research for sustainable development of the UDE and urban areas

As part of the master's programme "Urban Systems", students worked for the first time in the summer semester 2016 on various issues relating to sustainability at the UDE to support napro. From "Lounge Areas", ideas for mobility management to support in planning a Green Office - the variety of projects reflects the complexity of the topic. The aim was to present scientifically sound and creative transformation proposals that can be applied in the future. With the help of the work carried out, napro was not only able to collect valuable suggestions for the perpetuation of the process, but also to expand the cooperation between students and scientific mid-level faculty

June 2015Action Days Sustainability

Experience, discuss and touch sustainability. There is no better way to describe the Sustainability Action Days from 15.06 to 18.06 at the UDE.  A wide variety of stakeholders took part in the action days to provide information on sustainable nutrition, mobility, urban development and initiatives.

Kick-off event

Dr. Rainer Ambrosy, Chancellor of the University of Duisburg-Essen and Prof. Dr. André Niemann, emphasized the importance of these topics for the UDE during the opening event. Together with Antonia Kühn (DGB) and Gerd Schulte-Terhusen (Studentenwerk Essen-Duisburg), they discussed what efforts need to be made to establish the concept of sustainability more firmly at the UDE.

Sustainable UDE

The second day was all about fitness and partying. The Health Day for UDE employees, organised by the Department for Personnel and Organisational Development and the Electricity-free Party, sponsored by the Initiative for Sustainability (IfN e.V.), showed how this fits together. In addition to various lectures and fitness programmes, the evening's programme included vegan barbecues with background music by the band Nice Bag of Tasty.


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