Sustainability in research, teaching, administration

Sustainability: there is hardly any word being used and interpreted in so many different contexts. But all its definitions have one thing in common: they all express a certain future potential of all sectors of our society.

Economic, ecologic and social

As a place of progressive thinking, of passing on knowledge, and of the creation of awareness, the University of Duisburg-Essen, in its exemplary function, takes a special responsibility. The UDE faces its social task and resposibility in a Sustainability Process. Through this process, the orientation towards sustainability of research, teaching and administration is supposed to be strengthened.

The process aims at creating a network of the numerous existing initiatives, campaigns and plans. The Sustainability Process is put directly in charge of the rectorate and works out the active organization of the process. The process is open, everybody can contribute to the profile of the different aspects of sustainability of the UDE.


Aim of the process is to present an overview of the status of sustainability within the university and in the fields of teaching, research and administration.



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