Software Technology



Prof. Dr. Maritta Heisel

Marvin Wagner, M.Sc.

Julien Lukasewycz, B.Sc.

Jens Leicht, M.Sc.

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The lecture captures various procedural models and the phases of software development, the principles of object-orientation in programming and software development, systemativ software testing, and quality assurance techniques.

In the corresponding lab, the concepts will be used in practice to develop a small application.

Contents in detail:

  • Motivation: differences between programming and software engineering; factors for success with software projects
  • Software process models
  • Analysis Phase (terminology, especially requirements vs. specifications; deriving specifications from requirements and domain knowledge; decomposition of complex problems into smalles sub-problems; problem frames as a model for software development problems)
  • Principles of object-orientation
  • Architectural and design patterns
  • Design by contract, correctness of the program
  • Testing
Material/Information We provide detailed information and further material in the moodle course (Link).
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