Interdisciplinarity Mission statement

The structure and function of both economy and society have become increasingly complex and have had particularly strong effects on the flows of materials, energy and information (logistics) as well as on traffic and mobility. The resulting problems give rise to a high demand for an interdisciplinary oriented research and education, to which the Centre of Logistics and Traffic (ZLV) is committed.

A few relevant examples Research areas of ZLV members

  • Technical environments, effects on humans, e.g. radio systems
  • Control and optimisation of local public transport, e.g. through telematics
  • OR applications: in supply chain management, major events, catastrophe management and humanitarian aid
  • Mobility behaviour, analysis and its control
  • Flows of goods and persons, location selection in land use planning
  • Waste management systems and disposal logistics
  • Profitability analysis of products and services
  • Recycling and resource sparing products/ production
  • Complexity reducing product planning (mass customization)
  • Software solutions, e.g. in inland waterway transportation or rail freight traffic
  • Optimisation of energy transmission networks, e.g. with regenerative energies
  • Management, technical optimisation and simulation of passenger and goods transportation
  • Urban structure and sustainable traffic
  • Informational networks, new information structures

Research clusters

Beyond the research activities of its associated chairs and institutes, the ZLV supports these special focal points:

  • Humans in technical environment
  • OR applications in complex systems
  • Future-oriented logistics and traffic concepts 
  • Resource and product circulation
  • Sustainable energy concepts

Acitivties relating these focal points are being coordinated amongst others in working groups.

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