Project description

In the EU project LOG4GREEN 13 partners from six European countries actively shape the future field of logistics. The aim is to compare the strategies of the European logistics regions in terms of the resource conservation of their development concepts. In addition, the research potential in the areas of sustainability, resource conservation, multimodal transport and urban supply is to be determined. Issues such as the dynamics of innovation, training a new generation of logistics experts and networking of the clusters involved also play an important role. The project LOG4GREEN is realized within the EU's 7th Research Framework Programme and is part of the "regions of knowledge". This programme has bundled EU activities for the promotion of research and research-related activities since 1984.

In several work packages, including support through benchmark analysis in the field of logistics networks, it is planned to develop an international strategic research and action agenda. The core competencies in the participating regions form an excellent basis for a future-oriented exchange. Both the similarities and the differences will inspire and enable specific scientific work.

                                                            Europäische Komission7. Forschungsrahmenprogramm

Further information


Projekt coordination (overall)

Udo Tarmann, Entwicklungsagentur Kärnten (Development Agency Carinthia)

Projekt management (region)

Dagmar Grote Westrick, EffizienzCluster Management GmbH

Dr. Thomas Hanke, Universität Duisburg-Essen, Centre for Logistics & Traffic

Project funding

European Union, Seventh Framework Programme

Project start

01 December 2011

Project duration

30 November 2014