Diploma Theses 2011

Dr.-Ing. Postel
Dipl.-Ing. Hitzbleck

Windel, Andreas

Investigations for the process development for lubricating oil filtration with fibrous filters

Prof. Dr.-Ing. el Moctar
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bertram (GL)

Walter, Sebastian

Analysis of the procedure to investigate the added resistance of ships in seaway with RANSE methods

Prof. Dr.-Ing. el Moctar
Dipl.-Ing. Hellmann (HSVA)
Dipl.-Ing. Reimer (HSVA)

Ehle, Daniela

Analysis of breaking through sea ice ridges for the development of a prediction method

Prof. Dr.-Ing. el Moctar
Herr Vorhölter (Sietas Werft)

Myland, Johannes

Motion simulation of a wind energy installation vessel in seaways

Prof. Dr.-Ing. el Moctar

Tenzer, Matthias

Design of wedge-shaped bodies with rigid and elastic bottom plates for constant velocity water impact tests

Prof. Dr.-Ing. el Moctar
Dr.-Ing. Thill (DST)

Bolle, Marc

Computational studies of planning craft with an innovative hull design and variations of selected form parameters

Prof. Dr.-Ing. el Moctar

Schattler, Carsten

Maintenance and extension of the measuring devices of a circulation channel

Prof. Dr.-Ing. el Moctar
Dipl.-Ing. Hitzbleck
Dipl.-Ing. Elfgen (Meyer Werft)

Cubukcuoglu, Ilker

Investigation of the arrangement of fuel tanks and the fuel supply pipes under passenger areas