The lectures and exercises start on October 10th, 2023 and will be in attendance.

The first lecture in the Bachelor's programme starts at 8:15 am in room BK009.


Further information


Our staff can mainly be reached on site, but digital means of contact are also available. 

You can contact all staff members and Ph.D. students by email or telephone. Therefore, we would ask you to refrain from any personal contacts. Instead, kindly get in touch with our staff by telephone or video conference.

Staff members and Ph.D. students


5th and 6th September 2023AISS Conference 2023



The Autonomous Inland and Short Sea Shipping Conference
was established in 2019 as an annual conference. The
conference promotes technical and scientific exchange among
industry, academia and authorities in the fields of autonomous
inland and short sea shipping as well as port logistics, smart
waterborne logistics and related subjects. Contributions related
to autonomous shipping, on-board assistance systems, sensor
technology, recognition, regulations, test areas, smart port
systems, port automation, traffic planning, traffic simulation and
optimisation, system control, etc. are very welcome.

Call for abstracts

Please submit an abstract containing no more than 500 words
and a maximum of two figures using the template from the
conference website to
Upon abstract acceptance, you may prepare an extended
abstract using the paper template and submit it to the mentioned
email address. Abstracts will be published on the conference
website. Extended abstracts will be published open access via
DuEPublico (

Website: AISS Conference