Slamming Facility

Laboratory Manager: Dr.-Ing. Jens Neugebauer Slamming Facility

In the recent years the importance of numerical simulations in naval hydrodynamics has grown rapidly, whereas tools to determine ship motions and loads for given geometries and structural problems for given loads have evolved separately. Nowadays, the combined calculation of ship motions and loads and the corresponding structural problems with finite volume and finite element methods (fluid structure interaction) is implemented in various numerical codes.

In the slamming facility experimental tests can be carried out on objects to validate numerical simulations. The slamming facility is property of the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg (TUHH) and was mounted on the circulation tank on the occasion of a co-operation. During water impact pressures and stresses at defined positions as well as force and acceleration are intended to be measured for different impact velocities.

Standard experiments: piezoresistive measurement of pressures, strain gauges (DMS), piezoelectric measurement of acceleration and force

Measuring section: 6000x1500x750mm (variable water depth up to 150mm)

Maximum load of the device: 5KN
Maximum acceleration: 18m/s2
Maximum velocity: 3m/s