Research Focus

Development of numerical and experimental methods to determine fluid flow and fluid-structure-interaction

Seakeeping and Wave Loads Acting on Offshore Structures

  • Loads on ships and offshore structures in seaways
  • Simulation of extreme non-linear seaways
  • Development of statistical methods to determine extreme loads for the design of ships and ofshore structures
  • Roll-damping of ships
  • Propeller loads in seaways
  • etc.

Fluid-structure-interaction (FSI)

  • Coupling of CFD solvers with FE-solvers
  • Immersion tests with elastic bodies
  • Determination of local and global ship loads, taking into account structural deformations
  • Direct calculations – statistical and transient – of sea-going vessels to assess fatigue and structural and buckling strength, by means of the Finite-Element-Method (FEM)
  • Development of simulation methods for collisions (FEM)
  • etc.

Fluid Motions in Partially Filled Tanks (Sloshing)

  • Experimental and numerical investigation of the motion behaviour of multi-phase flows
  • Determination of local loads in cavities due to fluid motions
  • Influence of sloshing on global ship motions
  • Standardisation of suitable measurement technology to record velocity fields with Particle-Image Velocity Systems (PIV) and for pressure measurements
  • etc.

Manoeuvring of ships

  • Manoeuvring behaviour of ships in restricted and deep waters
  • Manoeuvring behaviour of ships in Waves
  • Dynamic positioning of ships
  • Design of manoeuvring devices
  • etc.

Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Cavitation and Cavitation Erosion

  • Numerical and experimental investigation of cavitation at hydrofoils
  • Erosion due to cavitation

Resistance and Propulsion of Ships

  • Power requirement of ships in calm water and in seaways
  • Ship design optimization
  • Measurements to improve the propulsion efficiency
  • Hydrodynamics of propulsors
  • etc.

Marine power plants

  • Concepts for the use of alternative fuels for ship propulsion (e.g. LNG)
  • Alternative propulsion concepts for sea and inland vessels
  • Gas propogation
  • Engine Dynamics