Detlef Utzat



Cosmic radiation does not prevent collisional charging in (pre)-planetary atmospheres, Felix Jungmann, Tetyana Bila, Laura Kleinert, Andre Mölleken, Rolf Möller, Lars Schmidt, Niclas Schneider,Jens Teiser, Detlef Utzat, Victoria Volkenborn, Gerhard Wurm, Icarus, Volume 355, 114127 (2021)


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and Rolf Möller, Journal of Electrostatics 103, 103411 (2020)


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T. Kunstmann, D. Utzat, A. Schlarb, P. Mazarov, A. Wucher, R. Möller, Rev. Sci. Inst 77, 86105 (2006).


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