​Title: "MoRE InnoMat - Miniatursisierung regenerativer Energie durch den Einsatz innovativer Materialsysteme" -  Dieses Vorhaben wurde aus Mitteln des Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE) gefördert.

Goal: MikrobrennstoffzelleBrenstoffzellen stellen eine Schlüsseltechnologie bei der Nutzung regenaerativer Energien dar. Dabei werden zunehmend auch Anwendungen im kleinen und kleinsten Leistungsbereich interessant, insbesondere bei der Energieversorgung portabler Elektronikgeräte, denn Brennstoffzellen weisen im Vergleich zu Lithium-Ionen Akkumulatoren eine höhere Leistungsdichte auf.


Our research project "Low-temperature Synthesis of Thermoelectric Materials by Thermal Decomposition of Tailor-made Precursors in Ionic Liquids" will be continuously funded within the SPP 1708 "Material Synthesis near Room Temperature" in the second funding period.

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Our research proposal for a new single crystal X-ray diffractometer is co-funded by the DFG and the state NRW (major instrumentation as per Art. 91b GG).

Recent Publications

Cobalt Vanadium Iron Spinel Nanocrystals, which are highly active for oxygen electrocatalysis, were synthesized and their properties investigated in a collaborative study with different groups from the University of Duisburg-Essen an the MPI for energy conversion (MPI CEC). The results were published in ACS catalysis. Read More
We recently succeeeded in the synthesis of the stable Sb- and Bi-centered radicals of the type (RXGa)2E (E = Sb, Bi; X = Cl, I) by indruducing for the first time the stabilizing effect of (electropositive) metalloligands. In addition, single electron reduction of the stibanyl rdical yielded the first compound containing a Ga=Sb double bond. The results were published in Nature Communication. Read More
A joint publication with the groups of Barcikowski, Behrens, Hartmann and Wende about the catalytic properties of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles has been published in Scientific Reports. Read More


Warm welcome Dr. Swarup Ghosh, who joined our group in January 2018. Dr. Ghosh received his PhD at the University of Rostock/Likat.


We congratulate J. Wiederkehr on her Kekulé-Scholarship of the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie (FCI). Miss Wiederkehr's main topic of her dissertation is the synthesis and reactivity lowvalent maingroup-element-compounds.

P. Steiniger received the eligible Evonik-Doctoralstipend. Congratulation to this award!


We congratulate Yannick Schulte for receiving the prize for the best academic degree (BSc) in chemistry 2016. Yannick studied in his bachelor thesis the syntheses and structures of bimetallic β-ketiminate complexes and their catalytic activities in ring-opening polymerization (ROP) of lactide.

We congratulate Christoph Helling for receiving the prize for the best academic degree (BSc) in chemistry 2015. Christoph investigated in his Bachelor thesis reduction reactions of group 15 metal complexes with group 13 diyl specises such as ddpGa.

The researchteam (Oliver Ochedowski, Experimental physics; Steven Gottlieb, BA-Student Nano-Engineering; Kosuke Shibasaki, University of Tsubaka, Japan; Stephan Schulz, Inorganic Chemistry; Volker Buck, Technical Chemistry) lead by Dr. Nicolas Wöhrl has won the this year's "CENIDE Cooperative Research Award".

The jury dignified the fascinating work to PECVD-Deposition of graphene on metalsubstrates with 2.000,- €. We are glad about this award.