X-Ray Structure Analysis

Powder X-Ray Diffraction (PXRD)

Measurement at ambient temperature in reflection (powder and solid specimens with smooth surface) and transmission (capillary and foils), qualitative and quantitative phase analysis with Rietveld refinement: e.g. for determination of lattice parameters, phase contents, amorphous part, crystallite size, preferred atomic site occupancy.

Measurement in reaction chamber up to T=900 °C in aggressive atmospheres (e.g. NH3), SAXS-application for nanomaterials (determination of particle size, size distribution and specific surface), thin-film application under grazing incidence (epitaxial layers), measurement of residual stress and texture.

Single-Crystal X-Ray Diffraction (SCXRD)

Structure determination of single crystals (on demand including intermolecular interactions/analysis of the packing, solution of twinned crystals structures), sample preparation at low temperature, in-situ crystalisation of compounds with melting points down to 170 K (employing computer-controlled IR-laser), advice on growing crystals.


Preparation for scanning electron microscopy

You are interested in high quality cross-section preparation for SEM?

Please write us! We preparate your material with our Cross-Section-Polisher (Jeol IB-0910CP) for your own charactarization.

Alternativly we give you the possibility to get SEM images of this samples, including an EDX analysis.

Different Services

We also offer different spectroscopic methods (IR, NMR incl. several heteronuclear NMR) as well as thermoanalysis (DSC, TGA/DTA) and synthesis by order.