Finished Projects

Fabrication and characterization of integrated micro-thermoelectric coolers using chemical and physical vapor deposition

In the joint research project, which is granted by the DFG, we will investigate the deposition of high-quality thin films of thermoelectric materials and their use in micro-thermoelectric coolers.Dfg Images

Funding Period: 2016 - 2022

Collaborateur: Dr. G. Schierning, Dr. H. Reith, IWF Dresden

DFG Priority Program 1807 "Control of London Dispersion Interactions in Molecular Chemistry"

Title: "Combined Quantum Chemical and Experimental Study on Metal-Metal Interactions of Heavy Group15 and Group16 Compounds"Logo Spp 1807

Funding Period: 2015 - 2021

Collaborateur: Prof. Dr. G. Jansen, University of Duisburg-Essen

Goal: The suitability of organometallic compounds containing the heaviest elements of groups 15 (Sb, Bi) and 16 (Se, Te) for the generation of high-density dispersion energy donors (DEDs) will be investigated by using an intertwined experimental and theoretical strategy, combining quantum chemical prediction, synthesis, and X-ray structural analysis of interacting moieties.

DFG Priority Program 1708 "Material Synthesis near Room Temperature"

Title: "Low-temperature Synthesis of Thermoelectric Materials by Thermal Decomposition of Tailor-made Metal Organic Precursors in Ionic Liquids"Logo Spp 1708

Funding Period: 2014 - 2020

Collaborateur: Dr. G. Schierning, IWF Dresden

Goal: New synthetic routes to improved thermoelectric V2VI3 materials will be developed by treatment of specific metal organic precursors in ionic liquids by microwave irradiation. The most important thermoelectric properties such as Seebeck coefficient, power factor as well as thermal and electrical conductivity will be determined by state-of-the-art techniques.