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Academic learning and study success in the
entry phase of science and technology study programs

In science and technology study programs, many students quit their studies prematurely. The reasons for this drop-out, however, are still uncertain. In cooperation of researchers from science education, sciences, and psychology, the five projects of the research unit investigate conditions of study success in the entry phase of physics, chemistry, biology, and civil engineering study programs, that is, questions of individual learning prerequisites and field-specific study requirements. In the first phase of the research unit, relevant conditions of successful studying are going to be identified, and a comprehensive model of study success with field-specific modifications will be developed and tested. In a potential second phase, the model will be tested for generalizability, and interventions will be developed and investigated concerning their impact on student retention.


Prof. Dr. Elke Sumfleth
Institute of Chemistry Education
Tel.: + 49 201/183-3747

Prof. Dr. Detlev Leutner
Dep. of Instructional Psychology
Tel.: + 49 201/183-2154


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