General linguistic matters

  • The Linguist List: this is both a large website with a great wealth of information on all relevant areas of linguistics (incl. further links) and a subscribable mailing list
  • ELE - English Linguistics in Essen: our online linguistics centre for students of English with introductions to the essentials of linguistics, authored by Prof. Hickey; can be used in conjunction with the Introduction to Linguistics, any seminar or to prepare for examinations; also contains information about courses in linguistics being offered by Prof. Hickey in the current term.
  • LINSE - Linguistik-Server Essen: online linguistics centre powered by the linguistics section of the Germanistik department, Redaktion LINSE; information on many different areas of linguistics including computational linguistics, corpus linguistics, psycholinguistics, and many others.
  • Studying the History of English: a valuable resource for linguistics students at all levels who are concerned with the history of the English language, including the different periods of English, mechanisms of language change and dialect contact; by Prof. Hickey.
  • Studying Varieties of English: a great information source for varieties of English around the world, and the methods used to study them; by Prof. Hickey.
  • Irish English Resource Centre: an online gateway to Irish English, its history, characteristics, varieties and research; by Prof. Hickey.
  • A writer's conference - improving students' academic writing skills,  Dr. Katharina von Elbwart

Corpus linguistics and corpora

Dictionaries of language and linguistics


Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL): provides a large number of fonts necessary for linguistics (e.g. IPA fonts)

Texts and resources

for finding texts / linguistic material for analysis!

Some topical websites