Module Ling2/Ling2_KW (C/III)

Module information sheet for students (pdf) [2024-02-25]

Term Paper Organization

  • Topic registration form, BA papers (pdf) [2020-05-13]
  • Topic registration form, MA papers (pdf) [2021-03-10]
  • Term paper evaluation sheet (pdf) [2018-10-23]

General Guidelines and Documents

  • Linguistics Style Sheet (pdf) (updated 2022-06)
  • How to read research papers (pdf)
  • Template for research papers (rtf)
  • Guidelines for oral presentations (pdf)
  • Presentation Template (ppt)
  • A Note on E-Mails (png)

Theses (Abschlussarbeiten)

Length and requirements

  • Lehramt – Schriftliche Hausarbeit: ca. 60 pages

  • Masterarbeit: ca. 70-80 pages

  • Bachelorarbeit: ca. 25-30 pages

  • (based on the style sheet for seminar papers)

  • combination of theory and application, i.e. working with data & conducting at least some linguistic analyses of your own

  • preferrably written in English

Some examples of topics accepted in the past

  • Lexical Change in Present-day English: A case study of the IT lexicon
  • International Communication: English as Lingua Franca versus artificial languages
  • Middle English Phraseology: Native Developments and Foreign Influences
  • Humour in advertising:A comparison of British and German TV ads
  • Metaphors in Political Speech
  • Idioms in Second-Language Learning