Cinja Bösel, M.A.

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Expertise Summary

Cinja Bösel is a research assistant in the project "Unveiling Orientalism: Gender and Ambiguity in c18 British Discourse on Travel" led by Prof. Dr. Plummer. The project investigates travellers’ observations of people, places and practices that are ambiguous and resist binary categorisation within the Ottoman Empire as well as travellers’ own transgressions of the boundaries of Orient and Occident, Self and Other. She is also working on her PhD thesis on the forms and functions of ambiguity within Oriental Tales.


Cinja Bösel studied German and Anglophone Studies as well as Literature and Media Practice at the University of Duisburg-Essen. During her time as a student she also spent a semester abroad at the University of Portsmouth and worked as a student research assistant in the department of Postcolonial Studies. In 2019, she finished her studies with a Master’s thesis titled Re-animating a Monster. Frankenstein’s Creature in Neo-Victorian Fiction. She is now a research assistant in the project “Unveiling Orientalism”, which is part of the interdisciplinary research group „Ambiguität und Unterscheidung: Historisch-kulturelle Dynamiken.“ Her dissertation project also deals with ambiguity, orientalism and transcultural connections, but in the context of British Oriental Tales. Other research interests include gender studies, intermediality and popular culture.

Conference Papers and Talks

“Dimensions of Ambiguity – Using the Example of William Beckford’s Vathek.” Postgraduate Workshop Postcolonial Studies, 19 July 2019.

“Re-animating a Monster. Frankenstein’s Creature in Neo-Victorian Fiction.” Postgraduate Workshop Postcolonial Studies, 1 February 2019.