Alan Webb, M.A., RSA Cert. (TEFL)

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Alan Webb

Alan Webb, M.A., RSA Cert. (TEFL)

Biographical Information

Born and bred in London, Alan Webb graduated from the University of Leicester with a B.A. in German. He first acquired a taste for teaching English to foreigners at the Berlitz School of Languages in Croydon, Surrey, where he eventually became head of the English department. He subsequently spent a couple of years in business and industry as a management trainee for a large insurance company in London and as a marketing trainee/junior product manager for a biscuit company in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, before deciding to make TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) his final career. Between spells of teaching at the Pitman School of English in central London, he studied for an M.A. in Applied Linguistics (TEFL) at the University of Reading and soon afterwards acquired the Royal Society of Arts Certificate in TEFL. From October 1980 to Summer 2017 he was employed at the University of Duisburg-Essen as a Lektor for British English and coordinated the language teaching team in the English department. He was a co-founder of DUET (Duisburg University English Thespians), the English language drama group based on the Duisburg campus, which he directed from 1981-86.

Areas of Teaching and Research

Error analysis (the typical mistakes German learners of English make!)
The development of new course materials
ESP (business and technical English)

Classes and Course Materials

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