Sections of the Department of Anglophone Studies

The department of Anglophone Studies at the University of Duisburg-Essen provides students with a unique and highly stimulating environment for their studies, offering a wide range of programmes and excellent opportunities for learning and research.

EFL Education

The picture shows a mind map with focus on the word


  • Prof. Dr. Thorsten Merse
  • Prof. Dr. Eva Wilden
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English Linguistics

The picture shows an online corpus research with focus on the word


  • Prof. Dr. Birte Bös
  • Prof. Dr. Isabelle Buchstaller
  • Prof. Dr. Maida Kosatica
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Literary and Cultural Studies

The picture shows a text in a book with a film strip used as a bookmark.
Anglophone and Postcolonial Literary and Cultural Studies

Language Practice Team

The picture shows the reader of a language practice class with focus on the words


  • Susan Dostert-Zickel
  • Mair Edmunds-Harrington
  • Christian Hunt
  • Astrid Klooth
  • Steve Maksymiuk
  • Tracey Meintrup-Cooper
  • Stuart Milne
  • Adam von Wald
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