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Fakultät für Biologie, Aquatische Ökologie
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Head of research group
Prof. Dr. Bernd Sures
Prof. Dr. Daniel Hering

Birgit Rieth
Jutta Schumacher

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Read which research projects are currently being carried out by the Aquatic Ecology group or in which projects our scientists are involved.

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Find out what exciting and interesting topics our doctoral students are currently researching in their work and projects.

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We offer doctoral, master, bachelor and examination theses as well as internships in all research areas, in a dynamic and internationally networked working group in a good atmosphere. If you are interested, please contact us or the persons mentioned in the text.

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Good sign for ecosystem Many suction worms in Ruhr lakes

Parasites have a bad reputation, but these invisible creatures are important for a healthy ecosystem.

In the lakes of the Ruhr, scientists from the Centre for Water and Environmental Research (ZWU) of the UDE have discovered surprisingly many species of trematodes.

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Publication in Science Change in plants as bicarbonate rises

No carbon, no life. However, many freshwater plants can obtain carbon from hydrogen carbonate and these species are becoming more and more common.

This was discovered by an international team of researchers with the participation of Dr. Sebastian Birk (UDE). The results can be read in the current issue of Science.

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Online platfrom Water assessment tools

The platform serves to provide online calculation tools for determining the ecological quality of water bodies and is operated by Aquatic Ecology on behalf of the Federal Environment Agency.

Currently available are the methods  Phytofluss (Phytoplankton), Phylib (Phytobenthos and Makropyhten), Perlodes (Makrozoobenthos) and fiBS (Fische).

The use of all services of is free of charge.

At the moment the platform is only avalibale in German, but other languages are possible and might come in the near future.

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Online platform European information platform for freshwater

The online platform bundles information and results from freshwater ecosystem research. It makes data freely available and is intended to stimulate new research approaches in this field. It offers a unique and comprehensive knowledge base for a sustainable and evidence-based management of our threatened freshwaters and resources. The Aquatic Ecology operates the platform together with three other European institutes.

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Latest publications from the Aquatic Ecology group

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Kupilas, B., McKie, B.G., Januschke, K., Friberg, N. & Hering, D. (2020) Stable isotope analysis indicates positive effects of river restoration on aquatic-terrestrial linkages. Ecological Indicators 113, 106242. link to article

Selbach, C., Soldánová, M., Feld, C.K., Kostadinova, A. & Sures, B. (2020) Hidden parasite diversity in a European freshwater system. Scientific Reports 10, 2694. link to article

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