Things of Migration (Dinge der Migration)

Research cooperation with Dr Meltem Karadag, University of Gaziantep, sponsored by the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation


Team:  Dr Meltem Karadag (University of Gaziantep) and Dr Alexandra König

Duration: first visit 2016 (paused)

Individual Funding: Humboldt-Foundation


Project description

The cooperation project investigates cultural practices and preferences of the so-called “Gastarbeiter” (migrant workers) from Turkey. Thereby, we are interested in ways of self-forming, self-positioning and self-presenting in front of relevant others in Turkey as well as in Germany. The base of our research project will be an analysis of artifacts of Turkish migrants in Germany. The access is guaranteed by DOMID, an institution in Cologne collecting and archiving materials documenting migration history.



Karadag, Meltem; König, Alexandra: Different kind of artefacts – different ways of self-presenting. Turkish migrants in the 1960s in Germany as transmigrants (in review procedure)



König, Alexandra/Karadag, Meltem: Different data – different stories? ESA-Conference (Athens, 29.08. - 01.09.2017)

Sponsored by
Bildergebnis für alexander von humboldt stiftung


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