Doctoral Project

Social and generational efforts to order and shape childhood and family (provisional title)

In the context of my doctoral project, I am concerned with generational and social negotiation processes. The negotiations are understood as efforts to shape and order childhood and family, are connected to certain guiding principles or normative patterns of 'good childhood', and manifest themselves in everyday practices, ways of thinking, and with consideration of certain contexts, such as migration and transnationality. Thus, the focus of the PhD project is on negotiations in transnational families, i.e., families living across borders. Of interest here are the generational aspects, i.e., negotiations within the family itself (how do family members interpret such arrangements) and the societal aspects, looking at how these families are portrayed (by other actors, in media discourses, etc.) - as a deviation or as a functional and accepting form of family life and which notions of 'good childhood' can be discerned here.

Work and Research Focuses

Childhood and family research

Transnational migration

Qualitative social research (main focus – ground theory methodology)

Internationality and multilingualism in research

Other Activities

2022 - present: DFG project "Growing up in transnational families. Children's perspectives on 'good childhood'" in cooperation with the University of Duisburg-Essen and the University of Wrocław. Funding by DFG and NCN. Duration: 2022-2024

04/2023: Participation and moderation of the panel Researching transnational families at the international conference: Living apart together: Growing up in Transnational Families. Essen, Germany.

2019-2020: Fiedler scholarship (UDE scholarship).

2019: PROMOS scholarship for academic education and training (residency at Queensland University of Technology, QUT, Australia).

02/2019: Erasmus Staff Mobility, University of Wrocław.

12/2018: Erasmus Teaching Mobility, University of Wrocław