Growing up in transnational families. Children's perspectives on "good childhood" (DFG)

This bi-national research project looks at the phenomenon of transnational families that form between Poland and Germany due to temporary labor migration. In Poland, it is in particular mothers migrating temporarily who are at times heavily criticized and whose children are labeled “Euro-orphans.” We know little about how children themselves perceive these family constellations. How do they evaluate these types of families? What kind of experiences do they have with them? And what ideas about “good childhood” form the basis of these perceptions and evaluations?

With this multi-method project, we aim to address these questions together with researchers from the University of Wrocław.


  • Applicants: Prof. Dr. Alexandra König and Dr. Jessica Schwittek (University of Duisburg-Essen, Faculty of Educational Sciences) from the German side and Prof. Dr. Dorota Michułka (University of Wrocław, Faculty of Philology) and Dr. Zofia Zasacka (Books and Readers Institute, National Library)
  • Duration of the Project: 2022-2024 (starting April 2022)

This project is financed by the DFG and the NCN

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