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  • Announcement: Publication

In the latest Special Issue that I edited with Elisabeth Schilling for FQS, methodogical and methodological questions of qualitative research on time are being discussed with various research projects as examples:

Special Issue Challenging Times—Methods and Methodological Approaches to Qualitative Research on Time (with Elisabeth Schilling) [16 paragraphs]. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 21(2), Art. 27, 2020

  • ​New Publication Published

In cooperation with Aytüre Türkyilmaz an article on socialisation theory has been published in the handbook "Qualitative Längsschnittforschung“:

König, A./Türkyilmaz, A. (2020): Sozialisationsprozesse im Längsschnitt – eine interaktionistische Perspektive. In: Thiersch, S. (Ed.): Qualitative Längsschnittforschung – Bestimmungen, Forschungspraxis und Reflexionen. Budrich: 63-86.

  • ​Postdoctoral Thesis Published

The postdoctoral thesis "Spielfelder des Selbst - Eine Längsschnittstudie zu jungen Erwachsenen in Handwerksbetrieben, Hochschulen und Kunstakademien" has been published by Juventa (link).





  • Habilitation

Dr Alexandra König has been habilitated with her postdoctoral thesis "Spielfelder des Selbst - Eine Längsschnittstudie zu jungen Erwachsenen in Handwerksbetrieben, Hochschulen und Kunstakademien" and the presentation with the colloquium on "Juvenile taste-alliances as seen in the example of shopping" as well as a field of study related lecture on the topic of "Introduction into interpretative social research".
The postdoctoral thesis has been approved by three expert reports and the unanimous decision of the habilitation committee. On the 27th of July 2017 the habilitation committee has granted Mrs König the teaching qualification in Sociology unanimously.
The faculty council of the Faculty for Human and Social Sciences has conferred the teaching qualification (venia legendi) in Sociology unanimously on the 25th of October 2017.

Her monograph will be published by Juventa in early 2019.

  • New Edition - Textbook Socialisation

Due to high demand the textbook "Sozialisation. Über die Vermittlung von Gesellschaft und Individuum und die Bedingungen von Identität" came out in a new edition. It has been completely revised and extended in cooperation with Prof Dr Dr Heinz Abels. Published by VS 2016.

  • New Article Published

On the basis of a research project with students, Dr Steffen Eisentraut and I have written an article on "juvenile taste-alliances". Young adults have been observed during their shopping tours.

You can read about what those young adults do when they are going shopping here: Schinkel, Sebastian/ Herrmann, Ina (Ed.): Ästhetiken in Kindheit und Jugend. Sozialisation im Spannungsfeld von Kreativität, Konsum und Distinktion. Transkript 2017: 165-182.


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