Sputter Coater

Method for preparation

The Leica EM ACE600 is a high vacuum coating system, for the preparation of thin metal or electrical conducting carbon films for the use in FE-REM and TEM analysis. The sample is mounted on a holder with a planetary gear. Combined with the in-situ deposition rate measurement, using a quartz microbalance, extremely homogenous thicknesses can be prepared.

The target material is sputter either by an argon plasma or by electron bombardment. Any material, that is not damaged by vacuum, ar-plasma or heat, can be coated.

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Sputter sources: Carbon (filament) and chromium (Cr-Target)
Sputtering time: 1-1800 sec.
Sputtering thickness: 1-1000 nm
Target: 54 mm max. diameter, 1 mm thickness
Stage angle: +/-60°
Target angle (between source and sample holder): 25°
Working distance: min. 300 mm, max. 100 mm
Rotatable sampleholder: 24 positions for 12,7 mm SEM-sample holders
Vacuumsystem: Diaphragm pump (DP) and turbomolecular pump (TMP)


Quartz-microbalance thickness masurement
Planetary gear
Simple to use touchscreen control
automatic or manual control of height and tilt