Cross Section Polisher

Method for preparation

The Cross Section Polisher is used for the preparation of cross sections for REM- EPMA- and SAM measurements. Any hard or soft samples, as well as compsites materials, are formed with minimal damage and the result is a smooth surface on nearly any metal, ceramic, glas, paper or synthetic material.

An argon beam polishes cross sections on a large, 1mm², area. The grazing incident angle minimizes  Ar contamination. The sample can be partially protected from the Ar beam using a shadow mask system.

An embedding of the sample is usually not necessary.

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Accelaration voltage: 2-6kV
Ionbeam width (FWHM – full width half maximum): 500µm (at 6kV on Si sample)
Sputtering speed: 100µm/ hours on Si
Sample size (max.): 11mm (W) x 10mm (L) x 2mm (H)
Travel distance: +/- 10mm (X-Achse), +/- 3mm (Y-Achse)
Rotation: +/- 5°
Gas for ion source: Argon
Pressure gauge: Penning tube
Main vacuum pump: Turbomolecular pump(TMP) 10-4 Pa
Pre pump: Rotary vane pump
Alignment camera: Magnification 70 x (on a 16,5 cm display)