Dimple Grinder

Method for preparation

The dimple grinder is used in the mechanical thinning of TEM-samples. This method reduces the needed time of following preparation methods greatly.

The dimpler creates a grinding recess in the central part of the sample, which has a remaining adjustable thickness of up to a few µm. The dimple wheels are made of copper, bronze or stainless stell and they are used with a diamond or boron nitride paste.

A polishing step afterwards yields an extremely smooth and specular surfaces.

The accuracy of the recess is about 1-2µm. A stereomicroscope allows for accurate alignment of the sample in the grinder.

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Stereomicroskope: 40x magnification
Grinding wheels: ø 15mm made of Cu-bronze und stainless steel
Sample holder: ø 9mm made of stainless steel
Weight: 0-40 g


Rotationspeed stepless adjustable