CRC 1093 - Training Program and Events

General information

The graduate school provides a structural framework for graduate training within the CRC. Interdisciplinary excellent scientific education is offered by all of the participating principal investigators as well as external scientists and non-scientists.

The training program comprises lectures, teaching units and seminars on a biweekly basis (CRC1093 Bi-Weekly seminar). External scientist are invited to present and discuss their research to CRC members. Within the teaching lectures the group leaders or postdocs of a CRC working group are giving insight into theoretical and practical knowledge of their research projects and methods. They also describe existing cooperation projects with other CRC groups. The PhD students have the ability to ask in detail about the research project, technical items and possible interaction with their own research project.

In order to learn new techniques and experimental methods PhD students attend practical courses or participate in the lab exchange program. In the literature seminars students present and discuss the strenght and weaknesses of recent publications in chemistry or biology of their choosing. Annually a progress meeting with the dissertation committee, an international or alternating graduate student symposia as well as workshops (see below) in transferable skills and career development are held.

CRC Bi-weekly seminar

The CRC1093 Bi-Weekly Seminar takes place every second Tuesday from 4-6 pm. It combines science lectures of external guests, teaching lectures and internal seminars / progress reports. All PhD students are invited to suggest external speakers. Please contact our scientific coordinator. View all seminars and lectures

Lecture and SeminarComputational Drug Design

The group of Elsa Sanchez (A8) offers a lecture series about "Computational Drug Design" during the summer semester 2020 on Wednesdays from 10:15 to 13:00. First date is April 8th. Please contact the CRC1093 office for registration.

Lecture and SeminarStatistics and Data Presentation

Start in the summer semester, every second  Friday 10:00-11:30 .

First date in 2020 is 17.04.2020 in room S05 T00 B83. Please contact CRC1093 office for registration.

30.09.-02.10.2019Autumn School 2019 on “Leadership and Career“

The autumn school is organised by CRC/TRR 247 and CRC 1093. There will be a keynote speech of Dr. Gaby Schilling about „Leadership and Diversity – the Key to  Excellence“, several workshops and individual coachings about leadership, project management and career planning. The programme is available here.

Lecture and SeminarBiomolecular Modelling: Docking und Virtual Screening

The group of Daniel Hoffmann (A7) offers a 4 hours lecture series combined with practical training to learn the basics of Biomolecular Modelling during the summer semester 2019.

Fridays 12:15-15:15 in S03 S03 A05. Please contact the CRC1093 office for dates and registration.

WorkshopGood Scientific Practice

Monday, 4th of June 2018; Venue: T03 R01 C24, Campus Essen

Lecturer: Dr. Christian Dumpitak, iGRAD, HHU Düsseldorf

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