CRC 1093 - Family Support

CRC1093 Childcare

CRC 1093 Childcare wants to make it easier for CRC-members and their children to combine work and family life. CRC1093 parents can receive financial support for additional childcare, for example if you need care outside the normal opening hours of your Kindergarten. Babysitters, who have been working in the families before and who are familiar with the respective children, can also join the CRC1093 childcare project. CRC1093 members can find more information on our internal website. Please contact our scientific coordinator if you want to apply for the CRC1093 childcare financial support.

Parent Child Room

‚ÄčEverybody who has children knows it: occasionally you have to struggle with short-term childcare problems: the kindergarden or school is closed and no grandparents or friends are around to help out. The Parent-Child-Room cannot complement an alternative child care facility but it allows you to take care of your own children at work for a particular period of time. The CRC1093 Parent-Child-Room is a fully furnished carpeted quiet office room, separated from the laboratory area, with „Kinderbett, Wickelkommode and Spielzeug“ and is available at all times for young parents within the CRC 1093. The Parent-Child-Room is equipped for babies and children under the age of six as well as for school children.

Location: T03 R04 D57 (The key is available in room T03 R04 C22).  Here you can find information for users.

Kids Table

This mobile kids table follows your children everywhere. It is equipped with crayons, felt pens and colouring books, a cd recorder with headphone and a variety of audio books. Last not least the kids can find a variety of other toys and games, comics and books.

Location: T03 R02 D64. CRC-members can take it any time and move it easily to their office, seminar room or other places.