Supramolecular Chemistry on Proteins

Protein function is intimately connected with supramolecular chemistry: Substrate processing and various levels of regulation involve specific noncovalent interactions. Likewise, protein folding, assembly and protein-protein interactions are governed by intermolecular forces and their specific inhibition or support represents a very promising area for external interference, with profound mechanistic and therapeutic implications.

The CRC aims at applying recent knowledge and methods from supramolecular chemistry to achieve specific interaction with proteins by artificial ligands.


Recent PublicationMultivalent ligands with tailor-made anion binding motif as stabilizers of protein-protein interaction

L. Bartsch, M. Bartel, J. Iglesias Fernandez, Y. Ruiz Blanco, C. Beuck, J. Briels, A. Gigante, N. Toetsch, P. Bayer , E. Sanchez-Garcia , C. Ottmann, C. Schmuck : Chembiochem. 2019 Jun 6. doi: 10.1002/cbic.201900288.

Sofja Kovalevskaja-Award for Doris HellerschmiedProtein Folding and Stress

August 2019
Dr. Doris Hellerschmied examines how cells react to molecular forms of stress. She is one of six winners of the Sofja Kovalevskaja-Award of the Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung. She has received 1.65 million euros to establish an independent research group at the UDE. Read more

Recent PublicationChemical validation of DegS as a target for the development of antibiotics with a novel mode of action

 J. Bongard, A. L. Schmitz, A. Wolf, G. Zischinsky, M. Pieren, B. Schellhorn, K. Bravo-Rodriguez, J. Schillinger, U. Koch, P. Nussbaumer, B. Klebl, J. Steinmann, J. Buer, E. Sanchez-Garcia, M. Ehrmann, M. Kaiser. Chem Med Chem 2019 Jun 5;14(11):1074-1078. doi: 10.1002/cmdc.201900193.

Sad News

We all grieve the loss of our dear colleague and friend Prof. Dr. Carsten Schmuck who passed away on August 1, 2019. Carsten was an excellent scientist, teacher and mentor. His excellent research within the field of supramolecular and combinatorial chemistry and his extraordinary commitment as a group leader and vice speaker was highly appreciated in our consortium. We sorely miss him. He will be in our thoughts. More

New Associated Member Doris Hellerschmied joins the CRC1093

Doris Hellerschmied has been appointed as a group leader at the Faculty of Biology recently and will start now to collaborate with several groups within the CRC as an associated member. She will study the molecular interactions between chaperones and their client proteins, and modulate these interactions with chemical probes (read more).

Aspire Lecture and Autumn School Leadership and Diversity: The Key to Excellence

The keynote lecture of Dr. Gaby Schilling is the opening event for the 3-days autumn school for CRC PhD-students and Postdocs offering several workshops and individual coachings about leadership, project management, and career planning (view program).

The lecture starts on Monday, Sept 30 at 11:15 am in S07 S00 D07. Guests are most welcome.

Recent Publication Mol Cell 2018 Nov 15

Ubiquitin-Independent Disassembly by a p97 AAA-ATPase Complex Drives PP1 Holoenzyme Formation. M. Weith, J. Seiler, J. van den Boom, M. Kracht, J. Hülsmann, I. Primorac, J. Del Pino Garcia, F. Kaschani, M. Kaiser, A. Musacchio, M. Bollen, H. Meyer