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Collaborative Research Centre 1093: Supramolecular Chemistry on Proteins

Protein function is intimately connected with supramolecular chemistry: Substrate processing and various levels of regulation involve specific noncovalent interactions. Likewise, protein folding, assembly and protein-protein interactions are governed by intermolecular forces and their specific inhibition or support represents a very promising area for external interference, with profound mechanistic and therapeutic implications.

The CRC aims at applying recent knowledge and methods from supramolecular chemistry to achieve specific interaction with proteins by artificial ligands.

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Aspire Afternoon 2018

Equal opportunities in Scientific Research

Wednesday 21.11.18 Hörsaal S07 S00 D07, Start at 2.15 pm

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Guest are welcome. This Event is organised by the CRC1093, the CRC/TRR 247 and the JCF of the GDCh.

SFB1093 starts into the 2nd funding period


[28.10.2017] The SFB 1093 will start into its second round in 2018: the German Research Foundation (DFG) will fund 18 interdisciplinary projects for another 4 years with around 10 million Euro. The CRC “Supramolecular Chemistry on Proteins” aims at a deeper understanding of the underlying principles of protein recognition and functional modulation by supramolecular ligands.

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