ECCOMAS Multibody Dynamics Conference 2019
July 15-18, 2019, Duisburg, Germany

Freshest Pre-Conference Information

Information for Speakers and Session Chairs

Extended-Abstract Speakers

Please prepare your talk such that you have 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion. The total slot for presentation and discussion is 20 minutes sharp. Please abide to this requirement not as an authoritative prescription but as a means of allowing attendants to commute between the (four) parallel sessions in a predictive manner.

Speakers can bring their own laptop or handheld device with one of the possible connections VGA or HDMI. Also, there will be a computer in the lecture room where speakers can upload their presentation supporting Windows 10, MS Office 2016, Adobe pdf Reader DC, VLC-Player, Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

There will be an assisting person in the lecture room 30 minutes prior to each session start where speakers are kindly asked to present themselves before the session starts to test the own device connection or the upload and working of the own file on the lecture-room computer and check the box of attendance for the session chair to know. On morning sessions directly after keynotes, the 30 minutes will be split in 20 minutes before the keynote and 10 minutes before the session. Speakers are also asked to kindly show-up 5 minutes prior to the session start in order to introduce themselves to the Session Chair.

Session Chairs

Session Chairs are kindly asked to abide to the talk schedule sharp. This means that (a) no talk should exceed the 20-minutes slot for both presentation and discussion, and (b) in case there are no-shows, the slot is left empty (letting attendants go for a coffee). This is kindly asked to be handled strictly. Session Chairs are kindly asked to show-up in the lecture room 5 minutes before session start to be able to identify speakers before session starts. There will be only one Session Chair per session, thus in case of inconvenience please contact the conference desk for organization of a substitute. There will be an instruction sheet and a list of papers and announced speakers with affiliation for each session in the session room.

Information for Participants in General

Internet access

As the conference is within the university premises, internet access is available at the conference via eduroam. If you already have a working eduroam account, you can use it. For the case you do not have a working eduroam account, we will be providing you with a user name and a password in your conference kit and will have eduroam Wi-Fi configuration instructions for a selection of devices (Android smart phone, iPhone/iPad, Windows laptop,

MacBook) at the conference desk. For your own convenience, please install the following certificate

before coming to the conference, as it is necessary in order to use eduroam, and you might not be able to access it when arriving in Duisburg.


We are happy to announce that during conference, we will offer free lunch (with daily varying local and German specialties) for all participants. Lunches will be served in the “Multi-Body Tent”, which has been specially erected (not built) for the conference just across the building where the conference rooms are located. You will find the location on the map and the multi bodies inside the tent.

Food preferences

We will be serving in the lunches and in the banquet buffet choice with English tags describing each dish, and there will be a rich choice from vegan to nagev.

Social events

Social events (ship cruise & evening reception event in Düsseldorf on Monday July 15, sightseeing tour & Banquet on Wednesday July 17) are all planned for all conference attendants. 

On-site registration/fee payment

If you were not able to carry out the payment of your conference fees, or if you or your relatives or friends decide to participate spontaneously after seeing the social program, there will be a cash desk at the registration counter where you can pay. Please bring counted cash in Euros in the amount specified for late registration with you. Regretfully we will not be able to offer credit-card-payment at the registration counter, due to disproportionally hereto required administrative effort with respect to the number of expected desk payments. If you have already sent the bank transfer or credit card payment, please bring a printed payment slip with you.

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