ECCOMAS Multibody Dynamics Conference 2019
July 15-18, 2019, Duisburg, Germany

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Visuel Conference Impressions

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The Multibody Dynamics Ship Song

1. Verse:

It is so delightful
So genial and cheerful
To be together in this ship
Enjoying our craftmanship.

Cause we are …


Multibody Dynamics
Multibody Dynamics
Everything you need to know
Is here and there and everywhere.

It’s …

Multibody Dynamics
Multibody Dynamics
If there is some thing anew
You get it in a Byte or two.

2. Verse:

We love this a-motion
Of maths and devotion
Whatever you want to simulate
We'll tame for you the complicate.

Cause we are …


Multibody Dynamics
Multibody Dynamics
From big machines to vehicles
We’ll let them move like miracles.

Yes it is ..

Multibody Dynamics
Multibody Dynamics
If you got nonlinearity (don't worry)
We got for you the remedy!

Multibody Dynamics
Multibody Dynamics


(fading out)

Free Slots

Wednesday - 15:20-15:40 - CONSTRS-4 - BA039
Author: -
Institute: -
Title: -

Thursday - 10:25-10:45 - VEHICLE-6 - BA127
Author: Sergio Muñoz, Javier Ros, José Luis Escalona
Institute: University of Sevilla
Title: Kalman filter estimation of lateral track irregularity

Thursday - 12:15-12:35 - OPTIMIZ-2 - BA039
Author: Malte Weber, Francisco Geu Flores, Andrés Kecskeméthy
Institute: University of Duisburg-Essen
Title: Rehabilitation recommendations - machine learning: from intuition to fact

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