ECCOMAS Multibody Dynamics Conference 2019
July 15-18, 2019, Duisburg, Germany

Social Program

Social events (ship cruise & evening reception event in Düsseldorf on Monday July 15, sightseeing tour & Banquet on Wednesday July 17) are all planned for all conference attendants.

Monday, 15.07.19, 14:00 - 21:30 h Boat Trip & Reception


Boat Trip from Duisburg to Düsseldorf (14:00-18:30h)

On Monday afternoon, we will take a boat trip on the river Rhine. A bus will bring us from the lunch site to the pier in Duisburg, and the ship will travel 4h from Duisburg to Düsseldorf, of course on the Rhine. There will be cake and coffee served seated and music will be played by a Horn Quartett when entering the Rhine. Afterwards, we can enjoy the cruise and walk around the ship inside and on deck chatting with colleagues and friends, and those interested can relax for a continuation of the Horn concert. Please note that unfortunately, due to restrictions of the shipping line, it is not allowed to bring own drinks and/or food into the ship.

However, each guest will receive one chip for a drink, and may buy further drinks and/or food on the ship on her/his own.




Evening Reception Event at the Historic Brewery “Uerige” in Düsseldorf (19:00-20.30h)

Once arrived in Düsseldorf, we will let the evening end in Düsseldorf's beautiful historical city center.  There will be a 20-minute walk along the Rhine promenade from the landing pier at Düsseldorf (at the height of the “Rheinterrassen”) to the brewery. In case you feel uncomfortable about this walk, there will be the option of organizing a bus bringing participants from the pier in Düsseldorf to the brewery. There, beer and soft drinks will flow and German snacks will be served at the bar in the “Brauhaus” room with view to the gigantic brewing coppers for all participants on a self-serve basis just by wearing the conference badge (thus don’t forget to bring it with you!), and through many talks and interesting discussions this will close our first conference day. For those deciding to stay longer at their own, there is a convenient train connection from Düsseldorf to Duisburg and plenty of time until the next keynote starts at 8:30 next morning.

Wednesday, 17.07.19, 15:45 - 21:30 h Excursion & Banquett

Excursion (16:00-18:30h)


​The excursion on Wednesday will lead us to the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex (German: Zeche Zollverein) which is a large former hard coal mine. It was in operation from 1851 till 1986 and is located in the northern Part of the city of Essen. It has been listed as an UNESCO World Heritage since December 14th, 2001, and is an unique site of the world for the industrial culture of coals mining of the past century.

There we will take part at the guided tour "About coal and Miners" that gives inside to the path of coal at Shaft XII. The path leads through Zollverein Shaft XII’s authentically preserved surface installations. Apart from the impressive ‘New Objective’ architecture, we discover the technology and work at the loveliest and formerly largest and most productive coal mine in the world. From the shaft hall, where the coal arrived, we follow the coal on its travels through the screening plant, where the coal was pre-screened, to its preparation and loading is the scrubbing plant. At the same time we discover the traces of miners and get to know their ways of life and conditions of work. Outside the plant we find out interesting facts about Zollverein’s architecture, nature and its multifaceted process of transformation from mine to modern site of art.

The Bus will start at 16:00 from the conference-rooms building to the Zeche Zollverein with around 1h drive; the sightseeing tour is around 90 minutes walking and  will be a guided in English with 20 participants per group.





Banquet (18:30-21:30h)

After the excursion the banquet will take place at the Casino Zollverein. The site for the banquet is the same as the site for the guided tour. Those who have selected the tour will be already there. For those not selecting the tour but selecting only the banquet a transfer will be organized with bus start at conference lunch site in Duisburg at 17.30 h; for those taking part in the guided tour but not taking part in the banquet a transfer will be organized from the tour site back to the hotel after the guided tour.

During the banquet, the Lagrange-Awards provided by Springer will be bestowed.

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