Simulations of Nanoparticle Synthesis

Nanoparticles form the basis of many novel materials. A core competence at the IVG is the synthesis of such particles in gas-phase flow reactors. The modeling and simulation of particle-laden, chemically reacting flows is essential to improve the understanding of the processes, to design of reactors and to scale-up laboratory experiments to production facilities.

The modeling is based on the implementation of physical models in our Inhouse Code PsiPhi as well as the expansion of the open sourced CFD Software OpenFOAM by introducing of new libraries and flow solvers. The resulting simulation results were justified by experimental or analytical memory whereby the models were validated.

Nanoparticle synthesis in a low pressure flame reactor

Streamlines and contourplot of the temperature in a laminar low pressure flame reactor.






Microwave plasma reactor

Streamlines of the shell-gas flow and illustration of the carrier-gas flow inside the microwave plasma reactor.

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