Simulation of Turbulent Combustion

Turbulent combustion of gaseous and liquid fuels is the key to power generation in technical installations like gas- and coal-fired power plants or internal combustion engines. Enhancing the efficiency of turbulent combustion processes is a prerequisite for enhancing overall plant efficiency and for reducing noxious emissions. The Chair of Fluid Dynamics develops methods and models that help to understand the complex processes involved in combustion and their interaction with the turbulent flow.
The modeling is based on our inhouse Code PsiPhi and on the open source CFD Software "OpenFOAM", for which new libraries and solvers are developed by the group. The new software modules are then validated an verified against analytical and experimental data, and the findings are published in international journals or presented at conferences.

Illustration of carbon dioxide mass fraction in the near burner region



Illustration of the Cambridge stratified flame


Cambridgestratifiedburner Src .008001.jpg

Sydney swirl flame, illustration of OH


Sydney Swirl Flame _illustration Of Oh

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