Press releases of the UDE

  • 10.09.2018 - 09:59:09

    Clock rates in the terahertz range

    Researchers pave the way for graphene-based nanoelectronics
  • 11.12.2017 - 11:28:12

    Recruiting Top Researchers with EXMAC

    DFG Award for UA Ruhr Project
  • 16.11.2017 - 11:25:11

    "Chance hoch 2" on Course to Success

    Program for Educational Upward Mobility Receives European Award
  • 23.10.2017 - 16:53:10

    Strengthening Central Asia relations

    Professor Kaeding leads EU project
    While they are situated thousands of kilometres apart and characterised by different political values, Central Asia … »mehr
  • 26.06.2017 - 13:42:06

    A skull with history

    A fossil sheds light on the origin of the neocortex
    According to a recent study an early relative of mammals already possessed an extraordinarily expanded … »mehr
  • 30.03.2017 - 12:22:03

    Watching the atoms race

    Report in Nature: observing live phase transition
    By comparison, a blink lasts a lifetime – atoms can rearrange themselves within one 350 quadrillionths … »mehr
  • 29.03.2017 - 14:53:03

    Ten years of partnership

    University Alliance Ruhr signs new agreement
    After ten years of successful cooperation, the three large universities in the Ruhr Area have resealed … »mehr
  • 18.10.2016 - 14:39:10

    New receptors discovered

    For stomach germ Helicobacter pylori
    Helicobacter pylori is a spiral bacterium that can colonize the human stomach – sometimes with fatal consequences. … »mehr
  • 01.06.2016 - 14:23:06

    How Do Immigrants Vote?

    First-time Survey of Voting Behavior among Germans of Russian and Turkish Origin
    Political scientists from the University of Duisburg-Essen and the … »mehr
  • 06.04.2016 - 14:56:04

    From the atom to the device

    Materials Chain at the Hanover Fair
    What do gold nanoparticles, parts of human skulls from the 3D printer, and a screw weighing 15 kilograms have in … »mehr
  • 10.12.2015 - 09:46:12

    How far has the melanoma spread?

    Safe and less invasive search for metastases
    For the first time, melanoma metastases in sentinel lymph nodes can be detected safely and without surgery. … »mehr
  • 06.02.2015 - 09:39:02

    Mental Borders

    Chances for highly qualified migrants
    A resource, a treasure which promises tremendous dividends but has yet to be tapped: the knowledge of highly qualified … »mehr
  • 18.08.2014 - 12:09:08

    Learning from medicine

    New tools for plant research
    A new chemical tool to analyze plant hormone pathways is established by Prof. Dr. Markus Kaiser, Centre for Medical Biotechnology, … »mehr
  • 23.08.2013 - 09:50:08

    Locoslab points the way

    Start-up presents an indoor navigation system at the international trade fair IFA
    Everything is new, the building confusing and full of people - one … »mehr
  • 01.08.2013 - 11:53:08

    Successful from a distance

    UDE-project seeking companies in the IT industry
    The software engineer works in Hong Kong, the supervisor has his office in Berlin and the graphic designer … »mehr
  • 20.02.2013 - 13:52:02

    Balsam for the Bones

    Chemists at the UDE develop a nanopaste for the repair of bone defects

    Following accidents or cancer surgery surgeons often have to transplant healthy … »mehr
  • 12.02.2013 - 14:53:02

    New Treatment Strategy Discovered

    A major step forward in the battle against leukemia and lymphoma

    An international research effort in which the University of Essen was a participant … »mehr
  • 07.02.2013 - 17:46:02

    Water for a transition region

    International Workshop in Cairo
    Egypt is struggling not only with the new form of government. There are also existential problems in the water sector. … »mehr