The world at our door

The world at our door

Anybody visiting the campuses of the University of Duisburg-Essen will be sure to hear, in addition to German and English, many other languages. Students from 130 countries attend the University. Young people come from every corner of the earth to the centrally located university at the heart of Europe.
There are plenty of good reasons for choosing the UDE: the subject, the level of student support and supervision, strong research or the international outlook.

Oliver Ochedowski Physics

I moved especially to the UDE to take my Master's in Physics. I have not regretted it - quite the opposite, in fact: my professors are all very motivated, and the lectures are up-to-the-minute and anything but boring. In the lab I am able to work with new, high-quality instruments, which is particularly useful in my case, as I am researching graphenes for my Master's thesis. The best part, though, is the good teamwork with the other members of my group. I am also very happy with my mentor. He is a doctoral student who also studied on the Duisburg campus, so he was able to explain everything to me at the beginning, which made it much easier for me to settle in.

Ashley Brown Contemporary East Asian Studies

I heard about the Contemporary East Asian Studies Programme at the University of Duisburg-Essen through my undergraduate studies at the University of California. Due to my interest in European affairs as well as in Chinese politics, I decided that living in Europe for a couple of years would be a very rewarding experience. I would definitely enroll again. My professors and teachers are extremely helpful, always available and willing to answer questions. Also they seem to care very much about the success of their students. The library holds plenty of resources. I never have a problem getting hold of the resources I need for my courses and research.

Anastasia Brodt Nanoengineering

I always liked the idea of becoming an engineer, and nanotechnology sounded particularly interesting. After three semesters at the UDE, I am convinced that it was absolutely the right choice for me. Duisburg may not be the prettiest city, but I really cannot complain about the campus, and the university is amazingly well equipped. My course is practice-based and interdisciplinary, which enables me to learn about many other areas of engineering and science. The level of student care and supervision is also very good, with close contact to the older students and approachable teaching staff.

Patrick van Caster Medicine

The University Hospital's reputation and the focus on the cardiovascular system were deciding factors in my choice of university. I also like the location of the campus, which has the Grugapark close by but is still easy to reach by public transport. The library and institutes now have a very good stock of literature and learning materials. A particular plus is the Skills-Lab, which offers a variety of courses and effective simulators. I am very happy with my course: thanks to the good organisation, you have few formalities to take care of and are free to concentrate on your subject. There are no overfull seminars.


An overview for presentation Presentation of the University

A presentation of the UDE for download (PDF). You can also find it as Powerpoint-presentation in the internal area for staff.