For parents

Languages play an important role for multilingual families and for their friends. As a parent, you will certainly find the following questions interesting: When and how do I speak in my family language? How do my children, my parents or other family members speak? How can I pass on family languages and how do they change? We are dealing with these and similar questions in our transfer project "Familien und ihre sprachlichen Dynamiken" ("Family language dynamics"​). When working with parents, we use their everyday observations of their own languages and combine them with new findings from research.

We publish texts, images, videos and audio material on our open-access website They can be accessed for free by anyone who is interested! We develop these materials together with partners from the field. The materials are tested by our students and are being expanded through Citizen Science Projects. We will provide information in German, English, Greek, Russian and Turkish on the following topics:

Knowledge about languages, language acquisition and language use

Current research findings on language use in contact situations

Language experience of multilingual speakers


Myths and discourses about languages and multilingualism

Research in one's own biography, family and environment

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