For Children

Hände bauen gemeinsam mit Bausteinen
CC BY-NC Judith Purkarthofer

Many children speak several languages, even when they are still very young. In Germany, many of them grow up speaking several languages from birth, for example when they speak Greek with their mother and Turkish with their father. They all then learn German as another language. Even children whose families speak a German dialect still have to learn a special kind of German at school, which is needed for reading and writing.

What does it look like in your family? Or with your friends? Which languages do you already speak? Do you speak the same with everyone? If you grew up with a language that your friends can't understand: Don't they sometimes ask you to say a word or a sentence in that language? Do your friends speak languages that you would like to learn? Do you still speak your family language the same way as your grandparents or parents?

There are so many questions about the way we speak. Our project tries to give you answers to these questions. We work with parents, in kindergartens and schools to study language. We develop together with our partners Videos and spoken texts that you can listen to and look at (for example with your parents) on our website We promise you’ll find interesting answers to your questions about the way you and others speak.

What do you want to know about languages and language leraning?

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