Area III - Project 14 - Astrid Westendorf

Principal Investigator:

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Astrid Westendorf
Institute of Medical Microbiology
University Hospital Essen
University of Duisburg-Essen

Phone: +49 201 723 1826

Interleukin-33-mediated dysbiosis and
the consequences for enteric bacterial infection

A wide range of microbial pathogens is capable of entering the gastrointestinal tract, causing infectious diarrhea and colitis. The finely tuned balance between pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines is necessary to eradicate the microbial threat and to avoid infection complications. Recently, we identified IL-33 as a critical negative regulator of the immune response to the enteric pathogen Citrobacter rodentium. Interestingly, first results demonstrate that treatment of mice with IL-33 modulates the microbial composition in the colon. Therefore, in the present project we want to dissect whether the IL-33-induced alterations of the gut microbiota modulate the immune system and contribute to the hosts’ susceptibility to Citrobacter rodentium infection. A better understanding of cytokine-mediated changes in the microbial composition and the modulation of host immune responses in the gut is important for the treatment of intestinal infectious diseases.  


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Research Training Group 1949
Immune Response in
Infectious Diseases -
Regulation between Innate
and Adaptive Immunity

Prof. Dr. Astrid Westendorf

Deputy: Prof. Dr. Jörg Timm
Deputy: Prof. Dr. Mirko Trilling

Coordination: Dr. Eva van Well

Phone: +49 201 723 35 88