Welcome to the information page on the Master's programme 2-subject M.A. German Studies

General Information


Contents and goals

German Studies is a 2-subject Master's programme at the University of Duisburg-Essen, i.e. a programme that must be combined with another Master's programme of the Faculty of Humanities.

It provides in-depth knowledge of historical and systematic aspects of the German language, literature and culture and trains the methodological-theoretical skills for their scientific research. The degree programme consists of the three specialisations "Literary Studies", "Linguistics" and "Medieval Studies", from which one must be chosen at the beginning of the degree programme.*

Each focus consists of four modules: (a) an in-depth module in the first semester, (b) a supplementary module in the first and second semester, (c) a second in-depth module in the respective focus in the second semester and (d) a focus module in the third semester. The fourth semester is reserved for the Master's thesis. The supplementary module within the different specialisations ensures the further training of competences in the German Studies sub-subjects that lie outside the chosen specialisation.


Study location:

Essen Campus


Standard period of programme:

4 semesters


Start of programme:

Winter semester



Master of Arts (M.A.)


Subject combinations

The 2-subject Master's programme "German Studies" can be combined with any other 2-subject Master's programme offered by the Faculty of Humanities:

  • Anglophone Studies
  • Christian Studies
  • German as a foreign and second language
  • French language and culture
  • History
  • Literature and media practice
  • Dutch language and culture
  • Philosophy
  • Spanish language and culture


Career opportunities/labour market

Students are, through teaching geared towards deepening knowledge and application, qualified to work in diverse professional fields in which professional Germanist competences are required: especially in publishing houses, in editorial offices of all media, in advertising, consulting, contexts of scenic and cinematic design, in the professional field of mediation and research, e.g. in private, in-house and state educational and research institutions.