Profile and objectives of the degree programmes

In the master's phase, students should learn to retrieve the knowledge acquired during their studies and to use their competences in a teaching-related manner. They should have in-depth knowledge of subject didactics and be familiar with the current subject discussions within the departments of German Studies. They should be able to present subject-specific and subject-didactic questions and research results in a scientifically adequate manner and describe the social significance of German literature, culture, and language. They should have in-depth knowledge of the development and promotion of communicative, intercultural, text-related and methodological competence and media competence of pupils. Due to the language and literature didactic training, they should be able to develop and apply extended designs for pupil- and task-oriented German lessons in the different school levels (primary school, lower secondary school and intermediate secondary school, grammar school, comprehensive school and vocational college), whereby the master's degree programmes with the integrated practical phase open up the possibility for the students to test and perfect their didactic competences and at the same time to reflect on them in a scientific manner.