Recognition of academic achievements and degrees when changing degree programmes in the teaching profession (B.A./M.Ed.)

For information on the degree programme, please refer to the website of the Student Administration Office.

The procedure for the recognition of academic achievements in the teaching profession B.A. and M.Ed. is described on the examinations website. Please first contact Mr Neuhaus (LA B.A. / M.Ed. HRSGe, GyGe, BK, Basic Language Education). The recognition will be carried out in the following by the Custodians Dr Beate Weidner and Dipl. Betriebsw. Nicole Koch.

Contact persons for the teaching professions LPO 2003 are the study advisors.

Certificates of equivalence for enrolment in the Master of Education

Please come during office hours with the "Antrag auf Gleichwertigkeitsprüfung für den Zugang zum Lehramts-Masterstudiengang” M. Ed. for the certificate of equivalence to the Custodians of German Studies:

Dipl. Betriebsw. Nicole Koch and Dr Beate Weidner

Please visit the enrolment system webpages for more information on enrolment in the Master of Education.

Certificates of equivalence for enrolment in the 2-subject master's degree programmes without teaching option

For enrolment in the master's degree programmes of the Faculty of Humanities, it is mandatory for applicants with a bachelor's degree that was not obtained at the University of Duisburg-Essen to contact the relevant institute representative (see below) in advance so that a so-called certificate of equivalence can be issued.

Equivalency is certified if the achievements are relevant to the study programme. In order to be able to assess the equivalence, we require:

  •     Your Bachelor's degree certificate and
  •     Your Transcript of Records or a certified certificate showing which courses you attended during your Bachelor's degree (incl. an overview of grades proving that the minimum grade of 1.8 for the 2-subject Master LuM or 2.5 for the 2-subject Master SuK has been achieved).

Please send the certified copies with a sufficiently stamped C5 envelope (the copies will not be returned) to:

2-subject Master German Studies (formerly German Studies: SuK): Dr Beate Weidner and Dipl. Betriebsw. Nicole Koch

2-subject Master Literature and Media Practice (LuM): Dr Hanna Köllhofer

Alternatively, you can also send us the certified documents as a PDF scan!