German Medieval Studies

German Medieval Studies at the UDE is divided into the fields of literature and linguistics of the Middle Ages (and the early modern period). In teaching, it offers courses for all German Studies degree programmes. In research, the main focus is on editions and edition techniques, cultural studies, book studies, spiritual literature, medieval reception and medieval literature as a subject of German language teaching. Duisburg-Essen Medieval Studies is represented on the web by the internet periodical PERSPICUITAS and the internet portal, which provides materials and studies on the afterlife of the Nibelungen story in literature, opera, and the visual arts. The department publishes the 'Schriftenreihe der AEET' and 'Editionen und Berichte der AEET': In one of its main projects, the 'Arbeitsstelle für Edition und Editionstechnik (AEET)' digitally indexes the previously unpublished archive of the Counts of Platen, which is to be made available to the public in a corresponding database, and in a joint project with Dokkyo University (Tokyo) researches the emergence of a new iconography on the Reformation period, starting with Luther and Cranach the Elder. In addition, there is close cooperation with the Institute for Lower Rhine Cultural History and Regional Development (InKuR) and the Lower Rhine Academy (NAAN). Together with the Medieval Department of the Institute of History, Medieval Studies organises the lecture series "Mediävistisches Kolloquium", which takes place every semester. The DFG project "Edition der in Regenbogens Langem Ton überlieferten Lieder" (since 2017) is creating a hybrid edition of late medieval master songs.


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