Flemming Christiansen


► Short CV

Flemming Christiansen (PhD Leiden 1990), Professor, Sociological Institute and Institute of East Asian Studies from 2011 to March 2020 and Speaker of the Postgraduate Research Training Group “Risk and East Asia”, University of Duisburg-Essen. Professor in Chinese Studies and Director of the National Institute of Chinese Studies and Deputy Director, White Rose East Asia Centre, University of Leeds 2006–2011. Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Chinese Studies, University of Leeds 1995–2005. Lecturer in Chinese Politics, University of Manchester 1989–1995. Member of the editorial boards of Journal of Current Chinese Affairs (Hamburg); China Information (Leiden); Journal of Agrarian Change (London); Asian Politics and Policy (Washington and Beijing); Economic and Political Studies (Beijing), and the book series Chinese Worlds (Routledge, London).

He continues his research as Associated Member of the IN-EAST.

► Research Interests

Chinese society and political sociology

  • Urbanization and rural-urban development
  • Institutions, individuals and issues of identity
  • One Belt One Road and China's development strategies
  • Risk, social institutions, political economy

Ethnic and national identities

  • Ethnic Chinese overseas
  • Sub-ethnic identities in China
  • Inner Mongolian identities

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